***DoA HaRiAN***

***DoA HaRiAN***
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Wednesday, August 3, 2011


just wake up dr mimpi yg indah..tetiba terdengar deringan hp aku berbunyi...
owh!!! AFFINBANK.. alamak! test..test. 1,2,3.. oke! suara xde dgr mcm br bgn dr tido.. then i pick up the calling =) haha...
owh.. tomorrow morning i need to be there (menara affinbank, jln raja chulan) again.. rasanya baru je ak attend d interview there last two weeks and today i need to b there again for d diff. purpose.. (taking d offer letter!) yeay!! alhamdulillah! finally.. i got the job with d gud position! =)
as tele-conversation just now.. i need to work at Affinbank branches at sec.2 p.j or p.j street! .. i already know where it is!
hehe... 8.8.11 - MONDAY - just a nice number for me.. my i.c also started wit dis 4 digit too! gud for me!
thanks to all my beloved friends outside there that always support me!
special dedication:
to my dear effa: dun feel down.. u can do it! Allah dh tentukan segala2nya utk u.. ada hikmah yg lbih baik yg blom kita ketahui.. insyaAllah..
wiwit: dun give up too! keep on going cari..cari.. sure ada! yakin! all the best! =)
aswad & anna: ehem2.. bila nak blanja kami yg belom bekerja ni? hahaha.. btw tahniah kat u guys!
saiful: thanks for treated us ari tu! =)
faiz a.k.a gergasi biru: blaja bagi abes cpt2..then blanja kami sume mkn2! hahaha

hope sumenya going smoothly during my working days! amin..